The tell tale signs of deficiencies in a building in regard to a buildings energy efficiency is usually in how temperature control is managed or mismanaged. The following provides some advice as how to address these deficiencies in commercial buildings.

  • If staff or tenants are relying on their own heaters and desk fans to counteract changing temperatures in the building, the AC system is lacking
  • If staff or tenants complain about the temperature and comfort of the office
  • If there is a noticeable increase in staff sick days year upon year
  • If there is difficulty in securing a long term tenant

The first steps to take address these problems is to carry out an energy audit which will identify and outline the potential opportunities and how they can benefit you.

The Benefits of making your Building more Energy Efficiant

Energy Efficient Office Buildings have been found to show that improved building performance and can lead to:

  • savings in energy costs
  • increased tenant satisfaction
  • lower vacancy rates
  • decreased tenant turn-over
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • increased asset value
  • increase rental returns
  • improves occupant health and well-being
  • reduced staff sick days
  • improved occupant comfort.

In addition, if all the above has been put in place there is an opportunity to obtain a s NABERS rating which is invaluable in attracting tenants and or purchasers.